Sports Photography

Let's be honest, cell phones and pocket cameras just don't cut in when it comes to photographing the action on the field or on the court!  Being able to capture the action at just the right moment is not easy.  One must understand the sport that is being photographed as well as the subtle clues athletes give when they are about to pass, throw, jump, swing, or tackle. 

It also helps to have a camera that can shoot multiple frames per second, combined with a pretty big lens! 

I do not charge to photograph a game unless specifically requested by the entire team.  See pricing below for purchasing images.  Please contact me with game details.  I will travel to away games within a reasonable distance.  

School Photos and High School Senior Portraits

I photograph outdoors using natural light in natural and casual settings.  I find that people are far more comfortable, relaxed and "real" when outdoors.  I do not have a studio (yet!) for traditional formal portraits.  Please review my portraits page for examples. 

Please note that most senior portrait sessions occur in August and September as yearbook submissions are due searly to mid October.  I can handle submitting your image to the yearbook for you.

Classic School Portrait (2 poses): $ 30 session fee, print fees are listed below.  Not an option for seniors.

Senior Portrait Session fee:  $175 session fee, print fees are listed below. Please inquire for additional details

Camera Lessons

Did you get a new camera?  Do you know what all those little weird symbols mean?  Would you like to know what all the settings do?  Learn how to optimize the technology you have as well as understand it's limitations.   $45 for ~1hr.


Prints are processed by a professional photo laboratory.  Generally, prices are as follows but may vary by gallery.

  • 4 x 6 are $6.50
  • 5 x 7 are $8
  • 8 x 10 are $12
  • 11x14 or 10 x 13 are $25
  • Set of 4 Wallets: $8
  • Digital File: $25 each

Digital images burned to a CD with copyright release are available, see individual album fees.  Most digital images burned to a CD do NOT have all editing included.  For example, final touch up editing done by the professional print lab for school or senior portraits are NOT included.  These may include edits such as cleaning up skin complexion, removal of glare on glasses, teeth whiting, etc.  If you purchase the digital images, you will receive cropped and minor corrections only.

Please inquire if you wish to purchase a large number of images, discounts are available.   You may only purchase your images.  

If you wish pay for an entire game to be photographed, or to purchase a CD of the gallery from an entire game after the fact, the cost is $10 per player on the roster. (eg: if the team has 15 players, the cost is $150, if the team has 18 players, the cost is $180).  The minimum fee is $150 per game. There is no guarantee for a specific number of images per player.  There are many factors involved in capturing a game such as playing time, whether the game is defensively or offensively played, player position on the field, etc.  High action shots depends on how animated a player is when they compete.

Please provide a player roster before the game. 

Other custom products (collages, coffee mugs, statues, mouse pads, etc) are available using any image on the site, please inquire.

Minimal order for prints or CD is $25 unless otherwise stated in the gallery.   

Special pricing is assigned for charity events.  See individual galleries for details. 

How are prices determined?  There are many factors in calculating the fees; 

  • time at the event, travel, gas, tolls, 
  • time spent editing and processing images,
  • software licensing, computers, hard drives, printers, paper, etc, 
  • wear and depreciation of cameras, lenses, misc photography gear, 
  • packaging, labeling, and shipping,
  • website maintenance, web hosting fees,
  • talent and expertise

Photography is not just about taking a picture, there is a great deal of time and investment in creating a memorable image.



The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author of the photograph the exclusive right to reproduce your photographs.  This include the right to control the making of the copies and the use of any image for any purpose.

It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without my permission, and violators of the Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.  When you purchase a print or a digital download you are only buying the image for personal use.  

 The use of ANY image for commercial or marketing purposes is strictly prohibited unless otherwise contracted, in writing.