For nearly 20 years, I coached youth soccer and a bit of softball and basketball.  After the 2014 Spring season,  I hung up my whistle and focused on my photography.  I completed a one year program at Middlesex Community College and earned a Certificate in Digital Photography.  I am a member of the Merrimack Valley Camera Club and for the past two years have attended the New England Camera Club Conference held each summer at UMASS Amherst. This is a 3-day intensive program of training and networking with new friends, old friends and many highly regarded professional photographers.  In addition to the extensive summer program, throughout the year I attend many workshops and seminars covering a wide variety of photography topics.

I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember!  As a result of some very hard work, I have made pretty good progress is my abilities as a photographer and I love what I am doing (but I do have a real full time job!).  I have been approached by many requesting that I "Coach" photography!  

DSRL cameras are packed with technology!  You paid for this technology so don't let it go to waste by leaving the camera on the AUTO setting. The class is hands on, so bring your camera, lenses and manual!  I'll break down the technology to simple concepts and simple language.  Will we cover everything the camera can do?  No, that would take weeks!  However, I will cover enough to make you more comfortable, confident and capable with your camera!


Basic Photography: Getting to Know your Camera

This class is for DSLR cameras (the kind that you can change the lens).  This class is not intended for small pocket cameras or cell phone cameras.

Monthly (at least I try to), I hold a Basic Photography class that is approximately 3 hrs long.  Class size ranges from 2 - 5 and is held at my home in Tyngsboro.  I recommend that children who are interested be at least 12 years old and it is good to attend with a parent and maybe even a friend! Although kids are often much better at grasping technology than most adults, it is a lot of information to absorb!  This class covers camera care, memory card and file management, the scene modes (those fully little icons on the camera dial) and then the more advanced modes for Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO.  

Be sure to bring your manual, camera and lenses to class.

Fee:  $45 pp, each additional immediate family member is $20.

Duration: ~3 hours

Location:  My home in Tyngsboro  


Basic Composition and Photo Editing

We will sit down at your home or mine (bring your laptop), and review photos that you have taken.  Most computers have basic photo editing software, or there are free programs available on line.  You do not need fancy editing software to transform your images into great photographs! Cropping, red-eye corrections, pimples, scratches, some wrinkles and other corrections are just a few key strokes away!  Is the photo too dark? Too light? Or maybe a funky color?  We can fix that too! 

Fee:  $45 

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hrs one-on-one attention.

Location:  Your home or mine (if you work on a laptop) Travel to your location is limited, please inquire.


Photo Walks

From time to time I will post on Facebook, on my website or though e-mail that I am organizing a photo walk.  These will mostly take place outside at a zoo, park, forest, swamp, ocean, beach, wildlife sanctuary or other natural location. We could be shooting macro, landscape, wildlife, nature or even abstract!  Photo walks are open to all abilities - from the complete novices to the very talented!  There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and explore your camera and expand your talent!  I have always found that the more experienced photographers are very eager and amiable to sharing their knowledge and providing guidance to others.  Come along, enjoy the outdoors, and maybe come away with a few great photos!

Fee:  Free, unless the venue has an entrance fee then you pay that directly to the venue

Duration: 2 -4 hrs

Location:  To be announced. Let me know if you have a favorite spot that a group might enjoy!  

What to bring:  Water, bug spray, fully charged cell phone and camera battery, your camera with a variety of lenses.